RORE: Sacred and Secular Motets
Weser-Renaissance Bremen/Manfred Cordes, cond.
CPO 999 506 (F) (DDD) TT: 68:39

Music historians have honored composer Cipriano de Rore (1516-1565) for one major achievement: he was the first composer of motets to make the music as important as the words. before Rore, texts often went in opposite directions from the vocal lines, which usually emphasized show over substance. Some fine examples of this words-and-music marriage can be heard in this CD comprising 16 sacred and secular motets for voice and instruments. Noteworthy is Rore's polyphonic "Laudem dicite Deo Nostro," featuring interesting imitations between brass and voices. So, too, is the a cappella "Da pacem Domine" representing textbook examples of blend and balance. In both, music serves the text and vice versa. Weser- Renaissance Bremen (5 voices and 5 instrumentalists conducted by Manfred Cordes) present, in various combinations, performances of consummate clarity and detail. Recommended.

K.S. (Nov. 1999)