"Renaissance of the Spirit" 
Orlando di Lasso and his contemporaries -- Guillaume Dufay, Estienne Dutertre, Clemens non Papa, Philippe Rogier, Adriaan Willaert, Nicolas Gombert, Philippus de Monte, Johannes Ciconia and Antoine de FÈvin
I Fiamminghi/Rudolf Werthen, cond.  Capella Currende, Erik van Nevel, cond.

TELARC CD 80521 (F) (DDD) TT:  66:43

For Renaissance composers and musicians, Orlando di Lasso (or Lassus) (1532-1594) was a major source of influence and inspiration.  Consequently, scholars and choral directors are constantly discovering gems by this Franco-Flemish giant along with his contemporaries, nine of whom are represented on this new CD titled "Renaissance of the Spirit."

Besides some wonderful motets by di Lasso, there is much to admire -- the emphasis on line in Rogier's sublime Respice in me, the dark Ave Maria of Clemens non Papa, the organum forming the basis for Dufay's Tibi, Christe, and the intensity of Gombert's moving Ave Maria.  Equally impressive are some short instrumental pieces including Dutertre's Pavane and Gaillarde with its interesting interplay between lute and strings, and a group of very short (some only about a minute in length) recorder pieces by di Lasso showcasing the entire range of technical and tonal possibilities of the instrument.

Kudos to the 17 players comprising I Fiamminghi and conductor Rudolf Werthen,  the fine Capella Currende and their conductor, Erik van Nevel, and the four excellent recorder instrumentalists.  Spacious recorded sound.  Recommended!