GLAZUNOV: Symphony No. 6, in C minor, Op. 58. The Forest, Op. 19
Moscow Symphony Orchestra; Alexander Anissimov, cond.

Naxos 554293  [B] [DDD]  TT: 59:10


This comes under the heading of "oops!" -- a pratfall by the heretofore admired Anissimov and less than the best of Moscow's surviving orchestras. I bought it for completeness' sake, but don't plan on keeping it: not as long as I have a cassette of Yevgeni Svetlanov's sanguine version with the USSR Symphony Orchestra. Side by side, Anissimov sounds anemic in spite of the work's structural and melodic strengths -- by concensus the best of Glazunov's 8 complete symphonies. The Forest (Naxos calls it a "“fantasy" in parentheses) is a 21-minute early work "depicting nymphs, the hunt, and the dark recesses of the forest at night." Bo-ring!

This, Volume 13 in an ongoing cycle of Glazunov's entire oeuvre for orchestra, was recorded February 25-26, 1997, in Moscow's Mosfilm Studio. I'm no fan of Svetlanov, who can be a Cossack in repertory requiring finesse and breeding, but he was born to conduct Glazunov's Sixth. P.S. Neeme J”rvi recorded it with the Bamberg Symphony on Orfeo, which is at least energetic if not notably insightful -- a pricey alternative, but in this case Naxos is not a bargain.