LISZT: Sonetto 47 del Patrarca. Sonetto 104 del Petrarca. Sonetto 123 del Petrarca. Dante Sonata. St. François d'Assisie. La prédication aux oiseaux. Danza sacra e duetto finale from Aida. Concert paraphrases on Trovatore and Rigoletto.
Daniel Barenboim, pianist
EUROARTS DVD VIDEO 2056748 TT: 86 min.

Music of Piazzolla, Salgán, Gardel, Bardi, Di Sarli, Rodríguez, De Caro, Expósito and Le Pera
Leopoldo Federico y su Orquesta Tipica; Buenos Aires Philharmonic Orch/Daniel Barenboim, cond.
EUROARTS DVD VIDEO 2055868 TT: 96 min.

JACQUELINE DU PRÉ - A Celebration of Her Unique and Enduring Gift - A Christopher Nupen film including live performances and interviews with her, Daniel Barenboim, Pinchas Zukerman and many other artists
ALLEGRO FILMS A 07CN D TT: 3 3/4 hours

May 28, 2007 Daniel Barenboim gave a Franz Liszt recital in the La Scala Opera House, a venue he will visit often as permanent guest conductor of La Scala. This DVD offers the entire recital and displays the pianist in top form. The program focuses on the contemplative aspects of the composer but there are plenty of fireworks in the Rigoletto paraphrase. A beautiful recital in every way, visually and sonically. Surprisingly, there are no encores in spite of the enthusiastic audience response. It's fascinating to notice the well-worn La Scala stage that looks as if armies have marched over it.

Tango Argentina was recorded live in Buenos Aires December 31, 2006 before a crowd of about 10,000, a free concert in the capital city's Plaza de la República. Daniel Barenboim conducts the Buenos Aires Philharmonic Orchestra, with special appearances by Leopoldo Federico and his tango orchestra. The accent was on tangos and the concert included a brief appearance by dancers Mora Godoy and Junior Cervila. Barenboim spent the first nine years of his life in Argentina and his love for its music is obvious throughout the program, for which he provides informal commentary, and on occasion he also plays the piano. It's all a lot of fun, beautifully photographed and the sound is excellent.

Here are two films by Christopher Nupen devoted to the cellist's life and career. Nupen's first film, issued on EMI DVD, Remembering Jacqueline Du Pré, was mentioned on this site in November 2004 (REVIEW) This new issue is "a celebration of her unique and enduring gift," seen through the eyes, the ears and the words of the people who knew her best including many famous musicians (including Daniel Barenboim who was married to her from 1967 until her death in 1987), numerous musical excerpts and a 1980 interview with her that never before has been seen. An important issue!

R.E.B. (November 2007)